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Kitten Season: What Does This Really Mean?

In case you missed the exciting news, our brave mommy cat Simba gave birth to 6 new little kittens at the Kitten Cottage. We have no doubt that you lovely people out there will find your furry new bestie, and that each of our kittens will find their furrever homes!

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As we mentioned last week, Spring is a double-edged sword in the Kitten Rescue industry – on the one hand, we love kittens, so this is an exciting time because there are kittens GALORE. On the other hand, this means we need a lot more resources than normal, because Springtime can be sheer madness at the Kitten Cottage.

What’s Kitten Season All About?

The New South Wales RSPCA explains it really well:

Many people do not realise that there is a kitten season. They discover this fact when they try to adopt a kitten during the winter months, when they are few and far between. Kitten season is the time of year when cats give birth, flooding animal shelters and rescue groups across the nation with homeless litters. It is really three seasons in one, starting in spring, peaking in late spring or early summer, and ending in autumn.

We know that not everyone can afford to adopt a kitten, or to fork out money every time you see an adorable kitten (let’s face it – many of us would go broke if we did that) but there are lots of other ways you can help.

Here’s the full list of ways you can help us at the Kitten Cottage (which means helping save the lives of fluffy little angels):


How YOU Can Help

1. Volunteer your time!

We need dedicated volunteers to help us, and we’ll be honest: it’s not always glamorous. We need help vaccinating the kittens, maintaining the grounds and cleaning the cages. Contact us to find out more about how you can get involved and help save teeny tiny kitten lives!

2. Donate food (Royal Canin), toys or blankets!

If you have extra of any of these things, or are willing to buy them, this would help us immensely. Click here to visit our Donate Page, which includes our Wish List.

3. Spread the word!

Tell people about the Kitten Cottage! Better yet: share this article on your Facebook Page! You never know who might see this.

4. Make a once-off donation

Click here to do so!

5. Adopt a Kitten or Mommy Cat

Like we said, we know not everyone can do this. But it is definitely one of the best ways you can help. Remember, our kittens are adorable, but we also have mommy cats who desperately needs homes.

Click here to see our kittens and cats for adoption!

Got questions? Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you 🙂


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