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The Kitten Cottage

To re-home abandoned kittens to safe and loving homes

About The Kitten Cottage

When you visit the Kitten Cottage, you will probably fall in love with at least one of our rescues.

The Kitten Cottage is a rescue centre for kittens and mommy cats who have either been rescued or abandoned. Our aim is to make sure each of these beautiful furry creatures are safe, healthy and loved until we find them a new home.

The Kitten Cottage began with one mom cat and five kittens, but in actuality, it began many years before that. Paulette, who runs the centre, has been rescuing kittens from the age of 10. Growing up, she rescued as many kittens as she could, and has always had a passion for animals. Later in her life, Paulette was approached by someone who needed help caring for and housing 5 kittens. Paulette agreed to help out, and made use of her bathroom at home as a temporary enclosure for the rescues. When her husband requested that he have his bathroom back, he and Paulette decided to make use of a little cottage behind their stables to house the kittens. Soon they were contacted by other rescuers and Paulette was simply unable to refuse the fluffballs that crept into her home and her heart. From there, the Kitten Cottage continued to grow and is now in its 4th year of rescuing, loving and re-homing kittens and mommy cats.

The Kitten Cottage is a safe-haven for our bundles of fur: they have space to play, socialise, watch TV and eat together. We believe they deserve only the best: each kitten enclosure has its own sleeping and ‘en-suite’ bathroom, and no more than 2 kittens are kept together. Nutrition plays a huge role in health, which is why we only feed our kittens Royal Canin. Call us if you’d like to come visit – we’d love to show you around!

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