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6 Great Reasons to Adopt a Grown-Up Cat

Our Beautiful Mom Cats are Looking for Loving Homes!

Kittens are creatures that wiggle their way into peoples’ hearts with relative ease, because they are literally designed to make your heart squishy from cuteness overload.

The challenge comes to re-homing slightly older cats, which in this case means anything above 3-4 months. We have several beautiful mommy cats (Melody, Tiger, Cinderella & Evonne) who are still looking for a family to take them in, and we hope that this post gets the message out there. Please have a look at our Facebook page for more info.

melody kitten rescue cape town
Melody just have birth to several beautiful little kittens. She needs a loving home!

If you’re reading this, perhaps it’ll have you consider taking on of these beauties into your home; if not, you can also help by sharing this blog post to your own Facebook page 🙂

There are plenty of great reasons to consider adopting an older (mommy) cat. Read on to find out if a grown-up cat is the right fit for you:

6 Great Reasons to Adopt a Grown-Up Cat

1 Hygiene-Conscious

Kittens are explorers, eager to make new discoveries and keen to get their paws dirty in the process. They don’t spend nearly as much time grooming themselves as older cats do. What kitten has the time when there are so many things to be seen?! Older cats are definitely more hygiene-conscious, and tend not to get as dirty as kittens.

2 More Chillaxed

If you don’t have a lot of energy, then a kitten isn’t for you. Kittens are incredibly playful and (as mentioned above) have a lot of exploring to do! Older cats are less restless and far more relaxed and settled, ideal for anyone who is themselves a little more like an older cat.

3 Independent

Yes, all kittens eventually become independent, but this takes time. If you have a busy schedule or spend a lot of time away from home, an older cat would be much better suited. Older cats need a lot less supervision, and can handle being alone for longer periods.

mommy cat kitten rescue cape town

4 Less ‘Rambunctious’

Older cats tend to be less ‘chewsy’ and tend to scratch less than kittens. They also tend not to scare as easy as kittens, which can be perfect if you have very small children who are still learning how to handle small animals. Older cats are also great for older people, who may not have the patience to run after or clean up after their pet.

5 Low Maintenance

If you’re adopting an older cat, then no kitten-proofing required! Cats tend to be more sure-footed, so this generally means less mess around the home. As mentioned previously, another bonus (for all you busy folk) is that there’s less supervision and training necessary.

6 No Surprises

For those of you who like to know what you’re getting, adopt an older cat. You’ll know what size cat you’re taking on, what kind of coat it has and have a pretty good idea of its temperament.

We love cats, of all shapes, sizes and ages. Our hope is to see that every beautiful creature that finds its way into The Kitten Cottage finds its perfect family, whether it’s a kitten or a mom cat.

Thank you for reading this post, and remember to share it to your Facebook wall so that we can make sure our gorgeous momma cats find their home.

If you’d like to make a donation to help us keep these beautiful cats happy & healthy, please visit out Donation Page here.


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